Fine Mediterranean Cuisine in Saugatuck, MI

The Salty Tradition of the Mediterranean,

The Fresh Feel of the

Great Lakes.

Taverna Rossa is casual restaurant Mediterranean wine bar in the heart of downtown Saugatuck.  The casual style of a Mediterranean wine bar fits so perfectly in a town whose identity is defined by the water surrounding it. 

Taverna Rossa will combine the Tapas of Spain, the mezze of Greece, the fun Coq au Vin of Southern France and the famous charred octopus from Southern Italy Osteria Rossa has always done. Then add couscous from Morocco, Cataplana from Portugal and throw in some Kibbee and humus from the Middle Eastern countries and you have an endless variety of flavors and textures to work with.  The light and flavorful cuisine fits perfectly with “oceanside” environment Taverna Rossa offers. 

Taverna Rossa will carry on the award-winning tradition of her sister restaurant Osteria Rossa. Serving ingredients from the best local farmers, blended with the best ingredients imported from all around the Mediterranean. Serving the best wines from Michigan alongside the best wines imported from Spain, Italy, France and Greece. Serving the best spirits from Michigan alongside the best old school sprits from Europe. “Warmth the Mitten, Soul of the Boot” will carry on! 

Taverna Rossa was created by Chef Chris Perkey

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